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Our Most Exhilarating Install Ever Was Completed!

Posted on 19 October, 2013 at 3:30
(3) NE PATS Team Members were living in this temporary space, which will
become our own Showroom very soon! Braxston Cave (Pats 68) gave us the honor to be on his side and we all agreed him to be a very pleasant person!

Small world: his father is an Electrician himself :-) ! 

And as you will see in the album, I felt much more comfortable the second time,
now also having Alex and Johnny by our side and had the luxury to ask for an autograph on the now famous picture from Monday and also an AV Wonders mug, which I will cherish until Braxston helps us win another SuperBowl!
We just missed Abu in the group picture...

Go PATS and AV Wonders! We are finally starting to live the Dream and all of our sacrifices are starting to pay-off. You can't imagine my personal satisfaction during this project. Thank you for following our story since 2008 and cheering for
our continued success!

Systems installed included:

- (1) 60" Samsung 240Hz Smart TV in the Living Room;
- (1) 55" Samsung 240Hz Smart TV in the Cellar;
- (1) Wall Mounted iPad (or your own iOS device) to control the equipment
associated with each system wirelessly (TV, Cable Box and Bluray player).

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